Tabernacle Baptist Church -  "One Church Under God"
Monthly Events And Activities

   Sept.    16   Wood River Region Five @ Olivet Baptist Church - 10am
   Sept.    16   Emergency Food Pantry - 9-11am
                      Mission Ministry - 11:15

   Sept.    22   Seminar - Preparation For The Golden Years

   Sept.    23   Seminar - Preparation For The Golden Years

   Sept.    30   Ministry Leaders Meeting - 10am

   Oct.      07   Emergency Food Pantry - 9-11am
                       Women's Ministry - 11:30
   Oct.      08   111th Church Anniversary. Reverend Stanley Moore
                       and Progressive Baptist Church - 3:30pm

   Oct.      14   Men's and Women's Study - 10:30


Join us for The Gospel Train Sunday mornings from 4am to 7am for gospel music, Sundays 8-8:15 for Reflections  on KALA FM 88.5 broadcast stream at or

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Tabernacle Baptist is a supporting member of Churches United of the Quad-Cities.

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Contact Michael C. Guster
Phone: 563-424-1446
Cell: 563-343-7655
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