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Living Forgiven
(Luke 7:36-50)

Forgiveness is not easy. In fact, it is one of the hardest things we will ever be asked to do. To truly forgive requires a mature and selfless act of sacrifice. It's not easy, but you are as never as much like God as when you are practicing forgiveness, because that is the gift He offers us when we respond to Him in faith.

In out text we find the following:

1. The Significance Of The Sinful Woman
2. The Short-Sightedness Of Simon The Pharisee
     A.  A Motivated Invitation
     B.  A Meaningful Interruption
     C.  A Misunderstood Interaction

3.  The Salvation Offered Through Faith In The Savior
4.  The Steps To Living Forgiven

      A. Step One - Get Forgiven - Come To Christ In Faith
      B. Step Two - Claim Forgiveness - Come Out Of The Shadow
      C. Step Three - Worship As One Forgiven
      D. Step Four - Go Tell Others Where To Find Forgiveness


The woman in our narrative is not given a name, so for now, give her yours. The sin of the woman in our story is not identified, so confess your sin. Then with faith in Christ, hear Him say "Your sins are forgiven", worship Him, live forgiven and share Christ.

Dr. Melvin L. Grimes

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