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Yield Not To Temptation
(James 1:13-)

Nothing robs us of spiritual success so devastatingly as yielding to temptation. It may be the temptation of money, lust, power, positions, fame, perpetual youth, greed, or numerous other things. Whatever it is, it always seems to be there. While opportunity knocks but once, temptation is constantly hanging on the door. Now, temptation itself is not the problem, resisting is the problem. To be sure, resisting temptation is not easy, but the only way to be spiritually mature is to manage the temptations, that confront us. It can be done, but it can't be done alone, and it can't be done without a plan.

In out text we find the following:

1. Temptation is not of God. Man is always blaming someone else for tempting him and leading him to sin.
2. Temptation is of man, of his own lust.
3. Temptation is not the nature of God

Managing Temptation:

1. To Resist Temptation, Prepare For It.
2. To Prevent Temptation, Avoid It.
3. When Temptation Threatens, Admit it.
4. To Restrain Temptation, Understand it.
5. To Defeat Temptation, Let The Spirit Do it.


Let's be honest, you and I don't stand a chance. We are doomed. If we have to match wits with Satan, we will be out witted. If we have to match our power with Satan, we will be overpowered. Satan is a formidable enemy, a crafty person. Fortunately, we don't have to face him alone. Our spiritual success does not depend on our power, our intelligence or our status. It depends, on our ability to tap into the Holy Spirit-His power and strength-is available to everyone who has trusted Jesus as Savior.

Dr. Melvin L. Grimes

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